Homeowner (Cornwall Bridge Connecticut)
“Over the past three years we have relied on Reliability Plus Property Care for year-round service and would highly recommend their company. During the winter months they have never failed to supply on time high quality snow removal and sanding services. Their garden and home services are always priced competitively, done on-schedule, and to an extremely high standard. Further, they always go the extra mile to ensure that everything they touch is perfect.”

Homeowner (Cornwall Connecticut)
Two years ago we used Reliability Plus Property Care to rehabilitate our property which had become overgrown due to lack of regular care. The “face lift” they provided was remarkable – giving our property a neatly maintained look and adding value far beyond the cost of the clean-up. We have since contracted for year round maintenance service for our wooded property and gardens. We couldn’t be more pleased. Reliability Plus is just that! We never have to remind them about service, they do not require active supervision, and are happy to make appointments at our convenience when needed. Although we are full time residents, we travel and work out of town quite often, so we generally are not available in person when our property is being serviced. The “Reliability” factor has been the key to our satisfaction with the property care services they provide to us.

Homeowner (Warren Connecticut)
We have been very happy with Reliability Plus Property Care and find John and staff to be very professional as well as helpful with suggestions and problem-solving. They are always willing to bring in the right person, whether it is in regard to tree trimming or masonry. We have finally begun to get our property properly groomed and look forward to working with his master gardener to plan our front yard landscaping in the spring.

Homeowner (Kent Connecticut)
For a number of years Reliability Plus Property Care has been providing snow removal and sanding services at my home in Kent. My driveway is long and steep and the service they provide is always timely and first rate. In addition, John communicates extremely well – alerting homeowners of potential storms and giving real-time progress updates via email during severe storm conditions. I have found John to be one of the most reliable and professional contractors I have ever used.”

Homeowner (Warren Connecticut)
I have come to rely on Reliability Plus Property Care to keep my property always looking its best. The company name really says it all, they are always responsive and continue to recommend the best in care for all of my property maintenance. It is a true pleasure, working with them, and seeing the direct results. Makes coming home an even greater joy!

Private Road Association (Kent, Connecticut)
Our private road association is very satisfied in having Reliability Plus Property Care maintain our road on a year-round basis. Our road is quite steep in certain sections and can, as a result, be a real challenge to maintain, especially with snow plowing and sanding operations in the winter months. John and his staff are very professional in their conduct and in the performance of their operations. John is an excellent communicator. His weather and snow plowing advisories in the winter are invaluable communicative tools. It has been my experience that John runs his business in a professional manner, delivering a timely, reliable and competent product, while at the same time being cost conscious.

Homeowner (Kent Connecticut)
Reliability Plus is more than reliable–they are consistently dependable!

We first heard of the company Reliability Plus after enduring a brutal winter of heavy snow and ice. A friend of ours told us of the wonderful service provided by Reliability Plus. So, we called the owner, John Camp and asked him to meet with us to discuss his snow plowing service. From the outset, we could tell that John was interested in our needs. During his initial consultation, John and my husband and I discussed where to place the snow in order to keep its heaviness from damaging our plants along the driveway. He also assured us that we would be serviced as early as possible so our clients could safely maneuver our long, steep hill. John knows the importance of “getting to work” or “work getting to us.”

This is our second year with John. He is professional, updating us frequently with weather reports, plowing schedules, and other services his company offers. He always looks for ways to improve client service; for example, this year he added “sand boxes”–a mixture of sand and salt–to be placed at homes who experience the inevitable slippery conditions making walking on the driveway and paths hazardous.

We are so pleased with his company and delighted that we found a reliable, professional individual who cares about our needs and takes pride in delivering the finest snowplowing and landscaping service. Thank you, Reliability Plus!

Homeowner (Kent Connecticut)
I recently purchased a home in Kent, Ct., that is situated on 8 acres of mountainside land. When I bought the property, there was a complete lack of usable outdoor space. A neighbor introduced me to John Camp, whom I hired to do a basic fall cleanup. I was so impressed John's professionalism that I continued to hire him for more projects -- cleaning out gutters, installing gutter guards, removing overgrown shrubs and replacing an old asphalt driveway. Since then, I have trusted John with bigger projects, and now I have an actual yard, complete with a natural spring-fed pond and a beautiful walking path. Reliability Plus is currently doing some stone work for me and when that is completed I will have no hesitation hiring them to do more landscaping.

Homeowner (Kent Connecticut)
“Reliability Plus Property Care has always lived up to their name. They have provided prompt, efficient and high quality service. And you will not find another landscaping and plowing company that communicates by email.”

Restaurant / Inn Owner (Cornwall Bridge Connecticut)
John Camp and his team at Reliability Plus Property Care are top rate! They are, by far, the most professional and responsive service company we have dealt with in the area. They consistently get the job done right, on time and on budget--who can ask for more than that?