About Us

Reliability Plus Property Care and Landscaping (HIC 0601479) provides a full range of year-round property care products and services, serving Litchfield County and surrounding areas in Conneticut, New York, and Massachusetts. Our business is built on the foundational principals of quality service and communication, making use of the most current business-related technology, and ensuring our customer's objectives are met. We mainly serve the following areas:

  • Litchfield County, Connecticut
  • Kent, Connecticut
  • Cornwall, Connecticut
  • Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut
  • Litchfield, Connecticut
  • Sharon, Connecticut
  • Lakeville, Connecticut
  • Salisbury, Connecticut
  • Warren, Connecticut


John In Truck


2006 F 350 F 550 Dump Truck Fisher Small Plow John with CAT Kubota Tractor Scag Large Mower Scag Mower